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Available now 4G SecureXpress International Roaming SIM Card the Mobile data it´s 10X time faster than the 3G. Ideal for Maps, in destination booking, Internet data, email, cloud, Social Networks.The high speed provide optimum quality for calls via WhatsApp, Skype... and many more...Upgrade available from your member area. (4G SIM is compatible with 2G & 3G device)

Eurail Extra day offer


Did you know it takes us 8 days of vacation to reach peak happiness? We’re not going to argue with science… Book a longer break and start smiling even sooner with up to 5 extra travel days FREE with your Eurail Pass this month.

Breacking News - Strike in France

We support you with Free Internet during the Strike

As we do mention the data connections is becoming critical to organise and manage your trip at destination.
During April France will be affected by an unprecedented transportation strike affecting Rail, Bus, MTR and Airports.
A forecast have been publish by the Rail company, the day affected by strike are no more open for reservation.


Global Roaming will offer on the top of your current allowance, a Free 4G data connection in France for up to 10 MB on the day affected by the Strike. This will allow you to schedule live and move forward with your trip while monitoring the status of the transportation.

Eurail Roaming SIM Card

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Get the most of your Eurail and Interrail Pass with the Eurail Roaming SIM Card.
Stay connected with your friends and family, anywhere in Europe! Eurail & Interrail Pass holders get up to 40% discount on the Eurail Roaming SIM Card. Enjoy your trip to Europe with the best rates available for calling, texting and data.

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With the Global Roaming suite, secure communications and access to confidential information abroad is hassle free, convenient and cost effective.
Ideal for businesses, frequent travelers, government, organizations.
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